Many people abroad outside of the United Kingdom do often try to gain access to UK TV content on their devices, millions in fact. These people trying to gain access to UK TV overseas are not just British ex-patriots and holiday-makers, but many Anglophiles also.

If you try to access any British TV applications or websites on your laptop, tablet, smart phone or smart device when outside of the United kingdom, you will most often be greeted with a message saying that this service is blocked in your geographically detected region. This denial of access is due to that particular player detecting that you have a non UK IP address.

One easy and popular way of getting around this blocking, is to access the internet behind a VPN account, as this will tunnel your internet in an encrypted manner via a secure VPN server located in the United Kingdom, so that your IP address and will allow all British websites and applications to function normally as if you were in the UK, when in fact you can be anywhere. Every day millions of people living in locations such as Sydney, Dubai and Marbella use a VPN connection on their iPhones, tablets and smart TV devices to gain access to all of their UK services without restriction. Best of all accessing these services behind a VPN is securely encrypted and so therefore totally anonymous.

This blog recommends the below VPN service, mostly due to connection speeds rarely buffering playback and the fact that they are unlimited in connection time.




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